ROMPER [mustard corduroy]
ROMPER [mustard corduroy]
ROMPER [mustard corduroy]

ROMPER [mustard corduroy]

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From the makers of Mabel Retro:

I always love retro baby fabric. Materials that are simple, clean and just for kidlets. So here is just that - a beautiful shade of rustic yellow corduroy. Delicious.

- two sets of buttonholes on the back of the straps allows you to easily lengthen or shorten the romper
- elasticized waist and the bubble shape make sizing comfortable and flexible
- the corduroy is soft and fuzzy and lined inside
- romper is washer and dryer friendly


For detailed sizing information please refer to the sizing chart in the product images.

Perfect fit - if you are wanting your baby's clothes to fit well for a specific event (ie. photo shoot, baptism, birthday party, wedding, etc) please select a size where your child is either in the middle or upper end of the range with his/her measurements.

Room to grow - if you don't mind that the clothes are a touch loose so that baby will be able to wear the clothes longer, please select a size where your baby's current measurements are in the lower end of the range or select the next size up.