Meet the maker

Hey! I'm Brandi!

I'm the one woman show behind everything you see going on at Stitch 36!  I do the brainstorming, designing, ordering, prepping, cutting, sewing, trimming, ironing, tagging, packaging, shipping, listing, posting, communicating, etc etc. And it may seem like I have it all together, but I’m just bumbling through most days – especially these days with a spunky 3 year old!  

This is my crew!  (well, this is what we looked like in April 2021 – these babies grow like weeds!)  Andrew and I have been married since June 2007.  Our wild things from big to little are Hollie, Heath, and Hank! 

So, a little about me.. hmm..  I've been a Mississippi girl my whole 34 years.  I can tend to be a worry wart and a perfectionist – so the older I get, I try hard to just chill out, and embrace the imperfections.  I love coffee, karaoke, and spending time with my people.  I love so many genres of music, my go-to stations are oldies, 90s, and country.  I enjoy plundering in flea markets and wandering the aisles of Target, Home Goods, or a garden center.  Gardening and decorating are probably my favorite activities!  I like wine, cruising, binge-worthy shows, cards, board games, food...  I love laughing and being silly.  If nothing seems to be going right, I’ve found that having a clean house can make everything feel a little less stressful.  I try to live "healthy", but I also try not to get too wrapped up in the nitty gritty of it.  My favorite saying from my mamaw is "anything in moderation".  It's all about balance, right?  

I have always loved to create.  Before I became a mom (and before I began sewing), I worked full time in the salon.  Playing with hair and makeup is like art, and will always be something I love – especially bridal!  Whether I’m doing that, or working with plants, home decor, or fabrics – I have to be doing something creative!  I began sewing in 2011 when I was pregnant with Hollie.  A few projects for her nursery sparked a love for sewing that I had no idea would become what it is to me now.  I like to think I got that from my grandmothers who were all incredible seamstresses and quilters!  

Sewing fulfills my desire to create while using fabrics that inspire me.  I’m obsessed with fabric.  I love the endless possibilities.  I’m drawn to prints that are inspired by nature, and designs that have a vintage or modern feel.  I love to create things that are beautiful and useful.  When you receive one of my handmade items, I hope you feel the quality of the work and the materials used.  I strive to provide the best of both so that these pieces last for many years to come.  I would love to make something just for you!

So many words.  I forgot to mention I love to talk.  I'll sum it up by saying that I believe it's important to be grateful no matter what, and I'm so grateful that you were even interested to come and read about me!  Thank you so much for stopping by Stitch 36!   

Best Wishes